Back to work! Mingnuo workers fight againest epidemic with a

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The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been spreading for nearly one month and we are at the end of the first month of the lunar year.The streets are almost empty,but Mingnuo company has already resumed the production.

"The day before yesterday, more than 80 workers were returned to their posts in the general headquarter in Libao Town. In order to avoid staff gathering, the management discussed and decided to resume in batches. At present,only local workers have being back." Looking at the tense and orderly workshop, the factory director Mr. Gu showed his confidence: "if everything goes well,the original production plan of February could be finished 60-70 percent."

At the beginning of this year, the report of Nantong municipal government set out three requirements - to ensure the total economic volume over trillion RMB, to ensure a high-level well-off society built in an all-round way, and to ensure the successful completion of the 13th Five Year Plan. Despite of the severe situation of the epidemic,the government is clear that "we must not discount the annual target because of the epidemic." This means in this war againest the infection,we must fight on both sides: win the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production at the same time.

For Mingnuo company,all of us are combating againest the disease.We strictly implements the guidelines for enterprise prevention and control required by the government and takes effective measures to ensure the safety and health of our employees. Mask is the most important supplies in this epidemic and with them the enterprises can resume production with safety.So the company provides masks for every staff every day by purchasing them through multiple channels.

In addition, taking the temperature before entering the factory,dinning with own tablewares,disinfecting the whole factory and office three times a day.... Our production line is fully powered, trying to "catch up" the time delayed by the epidemic.

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