Party Secretary of Haian City and his party visited Mingnuo

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On the morning of February 27, 2020, Secretary Gu and his party visit Mingnuo and check its work resumption, the CEO Mrs Shao and the general manager Mr. Shao accompanied, introduced the products developed during the outbreak, reported the situation of epedemic prevention and Control and work resumption.

The leaders visited the workshops under the lead of Mr. Shao, and listened the report of work resumption. Secretary Gu is happy to Know that Mingnuo has resumed 90% of its production capacity and start-up rate of production equipment has been increasing steady, he required Mingnuo to keep high level alert and take precautions without and slack during epidemic, including relevant preparations, cooperation relations and internal management improvement. Put prevention and control into every link of the work resumption, provide strong guarantee to epidemic prevention and control and high quality development, so as to help the economic development of Haian City.

Then, the leaders visited all the cleaning equipment developed and modified during the anti epidemic period. The equipment operators showed the leaders the new version of "sweeping and disinfecting vehicle", "intelligent sorting garbage booth" and "high pressure cleaning vehicle series".

Mr. Shao introduced that Mingnuo had developed disinfecting vehicle to meet the requirement during epidemic, the disinfecting vehicle has been modified based on FB high-power sweeper with additional one set of pump and three fan-type nozzle at the back, and 7 nozzles will work at the same time now. This disinfecting vehicle is mainly promoted currently in order make a contribution to anti epidemic cause .

Secretary Gu fully affirmed: "I'm very glad to hear that! I have come to Minguo many times, witnessing the continuous development, progress and improvement of Minguo. As a representative enterprise striving for the development of capital market in Hai'an City, I hope Mingnuo will continue to develop in accordance with the current form in the future, adhere to the guidance of science and technology as always, be a better and stronger enterprise practically, and meanwhile, do not forget to fulfill the social responsibility and mission, and make greater contributions to the local economic and social development "

Before leaving, Secretary Gu advised Mingnuo should ensure sufficient prevention and control material for work resumption, if Mingnuo encounteded any prictical difficulties in the later development, relevant departments will also actively provide guide and help.
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