Epidemic prevention sweeper from Mingnuo on line!

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Once again, we can see that the Chinese people are work together to combat the disease.Not only the ordinary people,but also the enterprises make donations and contribute mdeical supplies.As a professional cleaning and sanitation equipment manufacturer and service provider, Mingnuo plays its strengths and hopes to contribute to the cleaning cause during the epidemic.
Recently,we are beginning to develop disinfection vehicles,including car manufacturers,cleaning euipment manufacturers and even  enthusiastic individual owners.
At present, in order to prevent the epidemic,the watering cars and the dust suppression vehicles are temporarily served as the sterilizing vehicles. Some distributors even use"sterilizing vehicles" to advertise them.
Mingnuo also responses positively.The technical department and workshop worked overtime and successfully transformed a type of all cloesed sweeping and sterilizing vehicle.This new vehicle is upgraded on the basis of our original sweeper model MN-E800FB,adding a group of water pumps and three rear sprinklers mounted on the vehicle.With the four orginal front sprinklers,now the totally seven sprinklers can be operated at the same time. The spraying can reach around 1.5 hours at one time, and the spraying range is also wider than before. 

As a model that has always been popular,many customers show their praise after its improvement and also some old customers hope to upgrade their owned sweepers to disinfect the roads during the epidemic.
The use of the sterilizing vehicles not only relieves the labor pressure of disinfection and cleaning work, but also reduces the infection risk of the workers.
Finally, we should remind you that 84 disinfectant is being the most commonly used. You can dilute it with different proportion according to the local situation. Please pay attention to the proportion as too much disinfectant will affect the health.
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