Ride On Floor Scrubber MN-V8

admin 2020-04-02 11:02 SCRUBBER

.Two 13-inch standard brush plates.(suitable with 13-inch x 2 standard scouring pads).
.Small and flexible,the trafficability is especially suitable for use in the space of 5,000m2-10,000m2.
.Mini model can access all the elevator lift cars,and can be used for operation in multiple floors.
Intelligent automatic brush loading without using of tools.
Automatic shutdown when sewage tank water is full to protect the suction motor.
Water level signal can show the rest of it,in order to add it in time.
Emergency stop switch is set to ensure satety.
Adjusting working water freely,ensure cleaning effect
"Brush plate is installed with anti-pouring carina,which can prevent sewage water pouring.

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